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Something new ... and something completely new

SOSN (or 'Something Old, Something New') happens every Wednesday at The Lilypad, and this week I have arriving in store the Tate Kit (which is new to The Lilypad) ....

.... plus "Blendy Brushes and Masks No.01" (which are completely new).

They are the brushes I use to create my own pages, whether as paint brushes or soft erasing brushes - or as clipping masks to clip photos or even patterned paper to.

One of my favourite tricks is to clip a photo to a mask, then add a color overlay to the photo. I then erase parts of the overlay to reveal the original color of the photo underneath.

Here's just a few examples of how the team also had fun playing with them:

By JanaNJ

By djp332

By Arumrose

By JanaNJ

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