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Welcome to 2016 ... and to The Lilypad!

It's a brand new year and a brand new start with my move to The Lilypad. It's high summer here in New Zealand which means the only break The Husband and I get from his news business so, with brilliant timing (perhaps not!) I was supposed to be travelling in the remote sub-tropical North just as I launch at The Lilypad. But a wild storm and various other dramas have thrown a spanner into the works of those plans. We are currently holed up in a slightly dodgy aparthotel before turning tail for home - but hopefully, with the wonders of the internet, all will go smoothly at The Lilypad.

Bring your own cat???

One of the first things I needed to work out on moving to a new site was the specialist jargon - and most urgently, what BYOC meant. I had seen instagram tags with "BYOCaTLP" which only confused me more since "BYO" here in New Zealand means "bring your own" (as in: we won't provide the drinks, you need to bring your own). Fortunately before I totally embarrassed myself by turning up to a Lilypad meeting with a feline in tow I worked out that it actually means "BUILD YOUR OWN COLLAB". And today is the release of January's BYOC products from The Lilypad designers, including these from me:

The collection was inspired by photos of my daughter running through the snow very early one morning while travelling through California and Nevada. Even a very ordinary school bus is exotic in the snow and the morning light (especially since we don't have those classic yellow buses here in NZ). She was also happy to be the one off school and travelling in an RV while the other children had to run for the school bus.

And it was also perfect for scrapping our time in France:

And I love Amber's page:

And a great double page spread from Sharon:

I will be slowly adding designs from my previous store as well as new product at The Lilypad, and today the Walden kit, Totally Trashed in Oz mini-kit, stitched down dates and "Springboard in review" templates hit the store.

Used by me here:

Used by me and Sharon:

And Totally Trashed in Oz plus Stitched Down Dates used by me to scrap Daughter-two:

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