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Meow or Woof

What do they say in your house? Sadly, our house is very quiet on the animal noises (apart from the VERY noisy cicadas which chirp outside all the time at the moment as it is high summer). Daughter-Two is horrendously allergic to cats, and our mad crazy dog went to live with my sister when we had to move into a rented house a couple of years back when relocating - and they are too much in love to split up! Actually, what dogs and cats say depends on where you live. Google tells me that dogs say Voff in Iceland, Waouh in France, Gav in Russia and Wan in Japan. Cats are a lot more consistent, saying Myau in Russia and Sweden, Miau in Spain and Miaou in France. But I went with the British meow and woof!

I imagine that, if you are in the Northern hemisphere, what they would also say right now is "It's cold outside". So, also coming to The Lilypad for SOSN this week - and 50% off - are some wintry designs:

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