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The Coromandel Coast .. of Narnia

In the remote north of New Zealand is a region called the Coromandel, famed for its beaches, forest (and its alternative economy centred on less than legal crops). We spent several days there a few years back and, as always after a trip, I was looking for a quick but fun way to scrap the photos and create a travel album. This week's new template album coming to the store at The Lilypad (and 50% for Wednesday) was the solution:

Here's Cathedral Cove, where they filmed a famous scene in The Chronicles of Narnia movie:

We took a boat rather than a London tube train to get there ;-)

Some other pages from the album:

Plus I have used it to scrap another coast of note!

And it's been a consistent favourite for many sets of photos:

And also new in store today is another set of totally trashed papers:

~ Lynn

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