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Two Days in Spain - and Bristol kit too - AND 30% off everything in store

For my birthday treat at the start of this year we had two days in Barcelona.

We could have driven there and back in a (long) day but splashed out on a night in a hotel.Unfortunately (though somewhat predictably) I was sick. It says a lot for the city that despite that I came away saying 'wow! I think we have found somewhere we love even more than Paris'.

It was very sad to wake up this morning to news of an attack in the city.

I have just finished creating the photobook pages of our two days there and was planning to share and celebrate the city this morning - which I am still doing but now with a heavy heart.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The template set I created to scrap the trip is in store now and ...

30% off like everything else in store

And if you are looking for a summer kit with a cool, windswept feel, my Bristol kit is now at The Lilypad as well:

Plus another pack of worn page edges for both personal and commercial (CU) use:

Two days in Barcelona:

I love this city ..

I love these pages created by Katell and Marnel with the templates too:

I'll leave you with my own Bristol kit pages, and some fabulous inspiration from the team and the Pollys:

~ Lynn


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