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A freebie and lots of new stuff on a BIG weekend!


I have some exciting news that I have been waiting to share with you....

From this weekend, I'll be bringing my designs to OScraps as well as to The Lilypad.



I am really excited about making new connections across the digiscrapping world and being inspired by collaborations with other designers.

But I am also thrilled that I am able to remain at The Lilypad, and I have a pretty new collection there for BYOC ('Build your own collection"). More on that below ...

I just want to acknowledge as well, though, that I appreciate that it may make it a bit more complicated to keep up with where to find my designs, but the good news is you are already one of those in the know by subscribing (and reading!) the newsletter :-)



Are you registered at Oscraps?

If so, you can grab this little freebie pack from the store using this hidden link.

PLUS there is a 30% sale for all my product at Oscraps


At the top of the page there's a quote about connections. And one of the best things about the past few months is the connection I have built with an amazing designer, Rachel Jefferies.

You can see us both talking about our new collaboration here:

Here's the new collection, only at Oscraps:

(And the papers, journal cards, mixed media papers, mixed media elements and element pack are also all available separately.)


I have also have a new collection of my own at Oscraps (and in the 30% off sale)

There's a video here about the new collection and everything else at Oscraps:

I STILL GET BUTTERFLIES BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE ;-) It's BYOC ('Build your own collection') weekend at The Lilypad and I have a new collection there as well!

It's very pretty and FUN to scrap with, which is why I went a little overboard doing just that!! ;-)

(although a little heads up just between you and me, it's soon time for my 'Love our Designers' sale at The Lilypad ...)

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