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Hear My Voice!


In store now at The Lilypad and 20% off

When I look at this picture of myself as a child, I want to give her a hug and tell her it's OK, and there are lots of other oddballs out there in the world she will meet up with one day!

Were you a fan of the 'Mixed Media Monthly'? If so, have you caught up with the fact that Rachel Jefferies we have a new collaborative monthly project?

It's called HEAR MY VOICE, and the second collection is out now.

The new collection is Hear my Voice: HURTING and it's in store exclusively at The Lilypad

You can find papers, mixed media papers, paint, elements, templates and journal cards. Buy individual packs or the whole best-value collection.

Rachel and I have also rustled up a video, that you can watch here.

SEE US ON YOUTUBE <----- click here to watch

And we've been scrapping with it ourselves:

The templates - and in fact the theme - were perfect for continuing my project re-scrapping our RV trip across the US in 2009.

Some of the photos in these 'posted versions' have been resized to omit miserable poor Daughter-One who, like her Dad, was suffering after a dodgy smoothie ;-)

Love these layouts by Rachel:



Also this week, I have brought SOMETIMES PRICKLY and MAKE YOUR POINT TEMPLATES to Oscraps and they are currently on sale for 30% off as well *check your files in case you previously bought elsewhere

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