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It's Mixed Media Time

Both of my daughters are two of the most resilient people I know, though in very different ways. I wish they didn't have to be, of course, but I guess if you went through life without any challenges you'd never grow, learn or develop any true depth.

This week it is Mixed Media Monthly (M3) time at The Lilypad, which means that a group of designers collaborate on a massive themed collection and also do our own 'add on' products for the store. You don't have to be a subscriber to grab the designs (though it's cheaper if you are).

This month's theme is "Know your Worth", inspired by the quote that 'strong women don't have attitudes, they have standards'.

To which I added the thought: 'don't mistake patience for weakness'. My limit was definitely reached on one front over the past couple of months, and things have changed as a result ... less time spent slogging away for other people and more time on my own designing. So yay for that!



AND I have add-on paints as well ....


~ Lynn

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