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Merry Christmas :-)

Merry Christmas to you and to EVERYONE that you may be celebrating with.

I hope you have a lovely relaxing happy time over the holidays.

I'll be relaxing by the pool (if the sun stays out!) at a friend's house here in New Zealand, and looking after this fluffy bundle.

Apologies that the newsletter is a little later than usual - we were bringing some Christmas cheer to my parents' neighbours ;-)

If you are keen to get your seasonal photos scrapping in a snap, I have two new 'prefab pockets' in store today.

Use them scrap your Christmas pages in a snap, and you still have really useful templates to use again and again ;-)

Thank you

Thank you for subscribing to - and reading! - my newsletter and for supporting The Lilypad and its designers. Without you we wouldn't be able to do what we do, and there wouldn't be a community sharing creations and chatting about digi-scrapping .. and other things ;-)

Don't forget January marks the 10th year of MOC ('month of challenges'). I hope to be playing along too.



To see out the year, and as a further thank you, you can also grab lots of designs for half price as the finale of the 'December Deals'

You can find my sale items here

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