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New in store...

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Well, this seems a long time ago now! This was my great friend and I in Madrid in 2019, after a crazy few months.

It really did feel like the good life, having left everything behind but knowing I had the tools to rebuild it better than before. Of course, then along came Covid and all the sadness and disruption that it brought in its wake. (We are facing the pointy end of the pandemic here in New Zealand, months and months after the rest of the world. Things are likely to be a bit difficult for the next few months at least, but I am thankful for a lovely safe home and lots of creative work to keep me busy).

Hope things are looking up where you are (and hugs to any fellow Kiwis).


I used the new M3 ('Mixed Media Monthly') collection: "I love the life we have"

(Aka "a life we don't need a vacation from" ... well, that's fortunate in the circumstances, isn't it?!!) ;-)

(By Alinalove)

(Or subscribe to M3 for even more savings!)


Plus, I have a new collection (which M3 subscribers get for a discounted price...)


The bundle is the best value option, but it also comes as separate papers, elements, epoxies and paint. Or you can grab the kit option, which is just the 'core' papers and elements without the add-on epoxies and paint.

Here's some inspiration from the Polly's and the team:

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