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One day at a time...

I've been looking through old travel photos and having fun scrapping some of them. (These one is a particular fav of mine because the winter light was so amazing. We had many winter holidays in Europe - the short days are a shame but the light - when it is around! - can be incredible).

Anyway, it's fun to look back on and I remind myself that eventually we will be able to do that again! One day .... :-)

Meanwhile, the new BYOC ('build your own collection') has landed in store at The Lilypad:


You can get the papers, elements and paints separately or all together in a best-value bundle option.

And remember, with the BYOC the more you spend (from ANY of the designers in the store), the more you save.


Here's how I had fun using it for both heritage and new photos:


Have a good, and possibly scrappy, weekend! ~ Lynn


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