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Renaissance Paint

We were supposed to spend last June in Europe, and it would have been a much-needed break. We had home exchanges and remote work all lined up, which is how we manage to do it. But in the scale of things, it is a small sacrifice.

However, it will be emotional to finally return, especially as so much as changed since we were last there together. It will be a long time since the amazing trip when we swapped with a New Zealand couple who had a loft apartment on the French/Spanish border.

The colours in this month's BYOC ('Build your own collection') palette reminded me so much of the warm colours of ancient European towns and cities, which is why this came about:

I do definitely have to return, even if only so I can make a cover for a photobook like this one by Iowan!!


I'll leave you with some inspiration from the team and the Pollys :-) ~ Lynn

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