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Same Photos, Same Kit, Different Look-May 2022

It's no secret--many of us love a great digital scrapbooking collection. BUT. . . .there are times when a quandary present itself. By "quandary" I mean this particular thought, "I really love this collection but I don't know if I have any photos to scrap with it." Go ahead, raise your hand if you have found yourself feeling exactly like this! I think I have just the creative solution for you! How would you like to see the same photos scrapped 3 different ways with the same kit?

Here are 3 photos that one of our creative team members shared with us:

The kit that was used for the layouts is: Here and Now Kit & Transfers

Three different creative team members used these 3 photos and combined it with the above kit and transfers to create their layout. (There was the option to use a template if the creative team member wanted to). Curious to see the inspiration and versatility that 3 photos and the same kit/transfer pack can create? Look no further!

I love that each layout has different background papers/looks. The varying compositions made my creative soul happy and I absolutely love that each layout had it's own tidbits of journaling. I find it difficult to journal for others photos, but these creative team members knocked it out of the park.

The next time you find a kit that you really love and aren't quite sure you have something to scrap with it....say "no" to the quandary and go ahead and grab it. Let the gorgeous kit push your creative limits and look for that one or 2 things in the photo/kit that you can use to tie the together.

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