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Save big with a mammoth weekend!

Hello from Wellington, New Zealand, where we are in strict lockdown for the first time since early 2020, thanks to a delta case which snuck in from Australia. And it's a lockdown with added masks, as way back when we last had Covid restrictions like this, it's was the 'alpha' strain (old school Covid!) and we didn't know as much about the airborne nature of it. Fortunately none of us, especially Daughter-Two, really mind wearing one, even on our daily walks.


It's also very been very cold and wintry - so all in all a good time to be inside creating. Which is perfect, as it's a big weekend at The Lilypad.

There's this month's Mixed Media Monthly collection, an add-on collection from me, a new template set, lots of CU PLUS an exciting collaboration with Rachel Jefferies!



Here's the day the last cruise ship left NZ in 2020:

And, on the same theme, here we are in France (wearing the clothes we were going to throw out!) after SARs disrupted a planned move from London to Singapore, and after all our belongings had already been packed up.



An add on Mixed media collection from me:

You can grab the whole collection (for the best value) or get the core kit (papers + elements) or the papers, elements, paints and brushes separately.



And THIS is really exciting! For a while Rachel Jefferies and I have been hoping to collaborate, and we finally made it happen:

You can also get the Journal cards, Mixed Media elements (paints and brushes) and elements separately:


There's also a template set:



Plus, all CU is also on sale, including some new designs:

~ Lynn

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