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The best revenge...

It's been a strange process of unpicking lots of ingrained beliefs and behaviours around work for the past few months. For the past few years I have been working ridiculously long hours, both on my own stuff and for other people's ventures. Changing that and focusing only on my own designing means questioning what I was trying to prove, as well as why I need the security of [too much] work. It is itself a work in progress! ;-)

We are all free to define success on our own terms, within the constraints life puts upon us. What success looks like for one person will be completely different for someone else. But different does not mean wrong.

And that's the theme of this month's Mixed Media Monthly (M3) mega-collection. DIFFERENT DOESN'T MEAN WRONG


find out more here

AND I have an add on kit as well ....


At the start of this year Facebook decided to pop a meme into my timeline and I laughed because it was totally inappropriate as usual but also, for once, exactly right. It went "The best revenge is no revenge. XXXX them. Be happy". Which inspired this month's M3 add on kit. There's a whole lot I could say about this one, but I am just going to leave it here ;-)

It comes as separate papers and elements, too!


~ Lynn


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