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You don't have to smile ;-)


(Brand new what?) In store now at The Lilypad and at least 20% off

Is anyone over April Fools jokes? It seems like the world is so crazy anyway it's impossible to tell if something really is a joke. Nothing would surprise at this point!

(Actually, many content creators are taking April Fools as an opportunity...) (To make high-quality, absurdist content. Because all the low-effort jokes are taken.)

But, nevertheless, it is April 1 – and the good news is that that means it is time for 'Build your own collection" releases at The Lilypad. And, no fooling, the store is absolutely bursting with colourful goodness.

(Aww. Well, let's see what it is this time.)

I have a new collection called 'Positivity', all about the joys of life, the importance of a positive attitude ... while still recognising that we can't (and shouldn't be expected to be) positive all the time.

(It must've been hard to find a depressed-looking photo of me, huh?)

(Best you could do was one of the many where I didn't make eye contact with the camera...)

(It's funny how photography works like that.)

(Oh, hey, this is the trip where our neighbour snapped her ankle, wasn't it?)

(I look very uncomfortable.) You can grab the papers and element packs separately (although buying the collection means

you save 50% in total this weekend)

(Anyway, what are you doing at the moment? I'm listening to vaporwave.)

(My music taste these days consists of either video game OSTs or Will Wood.)



(Note: The exclamation mark was added by me. You're welcome.) BOTANICAL MIX No1 is my featured product for the month!

(In fact, I've added so many punctuation marks over the...months... you wouldn't believe...)

You'll be able to grab the whole collection for just $6.99 even after the Spring Fling sale ends :-) (Oh, no. It's already the end of the post. You won't forget me, will you?)

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