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Life in Pictures with Lynn Grieveson Designs

That's me on the home page, playing with my sister in the garden of our house in England.


My father was a keen photographer so I have scores of wonderful old photos and slides of my childhood, along with the thousands of photos I have taken of my own children.


I don't want those pictures to sit in a box for someone to pick up, shrug and say "I wonder who that was?"


Or, worse, to have those pictures sit on a phone or a hard drive to be wiped in the next crash or when technology makes their storage obsolete.


I love to use those pictures to tell the story of my life and the lives of those I love.


You can find the supplies, ideas and inspiration to tell your stories at leading digiscrap stores Oscraps and The Lilypad, where I sell my digital scrapbooking products and photobook templates. There are new designs in the stores most weeks.


Check out my blog for more inspiration - or jump to the Designs tab to find links to products.


If you are keen to keep up with new releases and new inspiration click on the 'sign up for newsletter' button below  (PS you get TWO free kits if you do)



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