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Digital Decluttering

Along with documenting life in pictures, I am also a convert to simplifying and decluttering.


It is getting easier and easier to digitise images. I have been using my ipad and the picscanner app to scan my old photos as well as children's artwork and schoolwork.


Here are just a few of the products at The Lilypad that can help you 'digitally declutter':
























I used the Digital Declutter Cards No.1 and the Lots of Pockets {Collaged} templates to document the technology classes Daughter-Two took at school last year.


For generations every 11 and 12 year old has had to take these classes, sometimes at their own school or sometimes - as in Daughter-Two's case - they are bused to a tech centre that takes the children from a number of surrounding schools.


When I was a kid, the girls did sewing and cooking and the boys did woodwork and metalwork. Now everyone does a bit of everything.


And at the end of the year they bring home a number of projects and a messy manila folder.

























Do I want that folder cluttering up my house for years, probably never to be looked at? Nope.


So I grabbed my camera and took photos of the projects she had made and of some of the more interesting pages in the folder. Normally I would scan the pages but I was keen to get this scrapped and I was happy with the look of the quickly snapped photos, which worked with the collaged templates.


By bringing everything together in two pages for her album of that year, which will be printed as a photobook, I have a record of that part of her school year that brings together the teacher's comments and her own writing, along with photos of the projects. Best of all, I can now throw the folder into the recycling without any guilt! I know she is more likely to look at those two pages in her photobook through the years than she ever is to look at that folder again.
























































For this project (which took 30 mins from start to finish) I used the first Digital Declutter journal and accent cards along with the Lots of Pockets (Collaged) templates from The Lilypad:










folder of school project work
Scrapbook page of school projects
Scrapbook page of school projects
Journal cards preview
Scrapbook templates preview
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