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Unashamedly pink and girly

It's Wednesday again ... the weeks just seem to fly by at the moment. Not just the weeks, but the years as well, as I was reminded when scrapping Daughter-Two's toddler photos. It's a while since we had a baby or toddler around the house but recently a distant relation had a baby and we visited with presents and hand-me-downs. Fortunately we didn't take the pinkest and most traditional of Daughter-Two's clothes, because the new mother commented how annoying it was that everyone expected a baby girl to be dressed in pink. I nodded and smiled a little shiftily because actually I love pink. It's such a warm and pretty colour and I love the storybook connotations it can have. This week's designs, in store now at The Lilypad and 50% off as part of SOSN day ("Something Old, Something New") draw heavily on those storybook themes which spell childhood magic to me.

Here's how I used them in Daughter-Two's albums:

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