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"Hyggelig" and "koselig"

There's something about warm, sticky weather that just doesn't say December/January or "Christmas" and at this time of the year it always feels slightly wrong to be sweltering in summer.

But at least I can design for the 'right' season.

A few months ago I was reading about the Scandinavian concepts of "hyggelig" and "koselig" - there's no simple translation but I think of it as the art of enjoying the simple and comforting pleasures of home in order to get through winter.

That led me to the Bergen collection, with its vintage patterns and little wooden houses and trees.

It is in store at The Lilypad now.

You can get the full kit:

Or the papers and elements as separate sets:

Plus there's an additional pack of small transfers (or "rub-ons"):

At the same time, the Snow in January kit (and elements) have come to The Lilypad:

AND my first Springboard template set:

I call them Springboards because they give you a jump start on the design, leaving the fun part of choosing the papers and any additional elements.

Here's how I used the new designs:

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