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Looking for a few keen scrappers

I am looking for a few keen scrappers to fill a few spots in my CT for 2016.

I offer new product twice a week, and an online forum at The Lilypad plus a friendly, relaxed team.

I require at least 5 layouts a month, mostly with a single product release so it can be used to promote that product but some of which can mix my product with other designers if that works for you.

You will need to become active at The Lilypad, which is a busy, friendly site so that won't be hard! If you can do process videos/blog posts that's a bonus (although not essential)

How to apply: At the "About" section here on my website you can check out my own scrapping style. (This may or may not be 'your style', I am open to lots of different style scrappers as long as they do what they do with love and enthusiasm)

In the 'Designs' sections you can see my Lilypad product to date. There will be LOTS more coming every week.

If you want to apply, pop to the contact section here at my website and send me a message with a link to your main gallery and a short note.

(BTW you can sign up for my newsletter on the same page).

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