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It's a vintage Wednesday

A few years back my mother-in-law was having a clean out and was about to throw away the tattered and ripped tape measure she had inherited from HER mother.

I practically ripped it out of her hands and said I would take it. She was a bit bemused, as it was so worn out.

And here it is, straight and curled and tied into bows and in a variety of colours.

Continuing the vintage theme, the "Totally Trashed the Woodwork" papers are also released at The Lilypad today:

I used both to scrap some of my family history photos.

The first is my father's grandparents and their many children:

And then I scrapped some thoughts on my frustrated attempts to find out the true identity of my mother's grandfather. All we know for sure is that he went by a couple of different names - but why and which one was the real name remains a mystery. (Hoping that Ancestry DNA might help that search further along).

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