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Exotic or pocket

I love both traditional "arty" scrapping and documentary style / pocket scrapping, so this week's new products to arrive at The Lilypad are some of my own favourite creating supplies.

And I had the perfect use for the Madras kit - grabbing a photo off Google Streetview in order to scrap about how we started going to "hot yoga for cool kiwis". We are still usually the least bendy and stretchy of everyone there but we hang out at the back of the room and are well and truly addicted. The daughters are used to us going now, but one day they might be interested in reading about how and why this somewhat surprising tradition started.

The big brushes and masks with their halftone and scratchy, scribbly borders are perfect for page making:

The Inky Dink photo overlays work for both heritage and new photos:

And there are are two lots of templates (plus journal cards) for pocket and event scrapping. I scrapped The Husband getting all action man with his friend a few weeks ago:

I used the new cards:

And the Big Shot Album:

And there are new Messy Pockets too:

I used the Big Shot album for scrapping a trip to the South Island:

Here's how they look in Daughter-two's printed photobook:

~ Lynn

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