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A little spring parade

Last week has been a little off-colour in our household, when we took it in turns to be unwell, so the mojo for creating scrapbooking pages was also very low for me, and what do you do when you can't muster the will or inspiration to scrap, I for one go to my favourite gallery at the Lilypad, and look at what the rest of the Creative team members are up to. Want to come with me? This time it's a little spring parade with some elements of nature from different corners of the world that represent these lovely ladies.

All of the above were made with the Vera Kit available at the Lilypad, and I love how different all the pages look, single or multi-photo, simple or busy and Diane's careful choice of elements and colours to suit her photo best, it looks like a completely different kit was used. Super job, girls.

And hey you can get Vera here and see where it takes you.

The other bunch of pages I want to show you today are so Lynn G. to me, as they are so *you guessed it* PINK!

And it's thanks to the two kits you might want to see: Gemma and Milly Mine

And here are all the pretties that I promised earlier:

I hope you can find something to inspire you to create a page or two, or go look at the gallery to leave some love for the girls who were pretty busy this week, and I see you back here in a month. Happy Scrapping!

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