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Shine On

Daisy and Tom is a shop in London where I wandered in and fell in love with this cardigan when Daughter-Two's sister was little. It was a sad day when, after nearly 20 years of use, it was finally outgrown by the youngest. Who knows, maybe one day it will be used again by a family member - and I will be able to make a page about that! It was the perfect use for the Shine On kit which has arrived at The Lilypad (and is half price for Wednesday):

And for the pocket scrappers, some journal cards:

After the 'Month of Challenges" at the start of the year, a number of wonderful scrappers have the chance to be 'guest Pollys" on the creative team. June's guests include the very talented Iowan, and I know it's going to be very exciting seeing what she creates. I love the combo of the heritage photo with the bold colours in this fabulous page with the new kit:

~ Lynn

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