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Let's mix it up

It is June and the things around here are getting hectic, so instead of the usual orderly round-up of what's been going on in the gallery this last week, I would like to make a different kind of post today. I will ease us in with the usual: oh, look, here is one of the new kits that came out last week, and even though you might have seen a post related to it when The Blue Skies Ahead hit the shop, it's well worth another look as the pages created with it breathe summer and freshness, and holidays... See for yourself

Later on in the week we had another kit come out and that changed the colour of the gallery, I love the Shine on kit and I hope you do too. Here is what the girls did with it.

Pinks against the dark paper make me think of sunsets and summer nights. Ah, I am longing for a holiday, somewhere warm and beautiful, don't you?

Well, now for the promised twist, this section is filled with the layouts that started with a template by Lynn, see how amazingly well they work either paired with Lynn's kits or with the kits by other designers, I just love all the different looks.

And for the cherry on top, I'd like you to meet someone special, who doesn't fail to inspire me when my mind is pulling a blank, our very own CT member KarenB. This week she has created a series of amazingly beautiful layouts that in my opinion are worth a little of your time. I love the way she used Lynn's designs, and pours a little bit of her soul and art into each and every page, I love Karen's use of space and colours. Enjoy:

Please, feel free to visit our gallery at the Lilypad, and browsing at your leisure, or leaving a little love for Karen and others. I thank you for the time you took to stop by and read this, please, come again. Lynn's always got something new cooking, and the girls from her Creative team are eager to use the new designs to document their families' adventures and everyday struggles and joys.

Until the next time, happy creating!

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