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Red, white and blue times two

If you want to get from New Zealand to the the other side of the world, you have two main choices. You either fly for 12 hours (give or take) to Asia and, after a stopover, from there to Europe. Or you fly 12 hours to the West Coast of the USA and stop over there before getting on the plane for another slightly shorter flight (' only' 11 hours or so) to Europe. Which meant that, until a few years back, we were quite familiar with Los Angeles (or, at least, with Santa Monica where we always stopped over for a day or two). And I had been to New York and San Francisco a couple of times. But what lay between those cities was a mystery to us. Until The Husband suggested we drive an RV across from LA to Florida (where we were meeting up with friends) I took a bit of convincing. And it's fair to say it didn't start all that well.

We hit the road out of LA but had only been driving for about an hour before I noticed a suspicious stream of water coming down the RV floor. Investigations proved that Daughter-Two had failed to flush the loo last time she went, and the bumping and resulting sloshing had the obvious result.

We stopped for The Husband to get a coffee and Daughter-Two had some fries. A little further down the road and a little voice from the back seat said "I'm awfully sorry, but I have accidentally vomited". And indeed she had - all over herself. We put it down to travel sickness and instituted a ban on reading and writing while travelling.

So it was 10am on the first full day and I had already had to clean up a flood and worse. Excellent. Fortunately it picked up from then and, although Daughter-Two did remain sick for a few days, we ended up having a fabulous trip. We realised that, not only could we now travel with her, her presence made it even more fun. And we haven't really stopped since.

Two red, white and blue kits are coming to the The Lilypad today (and are half price for SOSN Wednesday) - one for 4th of July and one for summer fun:

~ Lynn


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