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Oh I do love to be beside the seaside...

Oh, doesn't everyone love the fresh air, the sea breeze, the waves gently lapping, the warm sunshine on the skin, the sand underfoot... The seagulls calling, the boats taking passengers to this island or that. I know I love that and every summer wait with longing and excitement for that week near the sea... As you are reading this, I am on my way to the gentle Tyrrhenian Sea. I feel like I really deserve this holiday, and I know which kit I am taking with me to scrap my sea adventures, I am sure to find good use to the kit that came out today at the Lilypad, called Herne Bay! Perfect timing, Lynn.

And as with other gorgeous kits, it struck a chord with the creative people, and the gallery bloomed with recognizable pages, judge for yourselves.

From Anita's neat clustering, and Karen's use of negative space, to the super story telling skills of Lynn herself in her multiphoto layouts, there is something to excite me about all of them. If you like me love the skill and artistry the girls are demonstrating here, please, pop in to the Lilypad gallery and share your love and encouragement, as a Russian saying goes: Kind words please even the cats. :)

But I would love to highlight just a few of my personal favourites in no particular order:

Lisa's two pages that sport quite different looks go straight into my "Oh my! I love what she did here" category, such difference, yet each jaw droppingly beautiful! I love the red accents and just a touch of papers in her Big Piney, and that yummy alpha! And then the second page is indeed a kind of magic with pale paper, and the sprinkling of sequins = stunning precious fragile page. I can't decide which one I like best.

Then I want you to look at Jana_NJ's gorgeous brushwork in her page Splash

And then there is this little masterpiece of brushwork and clustering by Carol, highly decorative and elaborate but somehow looking spontaneous and effortless. I want those skills when I grow up.

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into the pages of Lynn's CT this week, and I will be seeing you again, after my holiday. I will bring pictures. :) Until then wishing you lots of joy in creating art and capturing your memories.

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