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Flying but not fading

It's amazing how time just seems to be flying along faster and faster. For example, it seems like such a short time since we moved to Wellington, but then I look at the photos of Daughter-Two over that week and she was still a little girl. Now she towers over me and is loving high school.

It's is also amazing how clear my memories are though. I can remember exactly how it felt to be playing in the waves with her when she was a toddler (with her leggings tied around her head because she had an ear infection but couldn't be kept away from the beach!) And I can even recall the funniest little details of the first big trip I made around Europe

But how much of that is to do with all the photos I have (and the fact I revisit them often to scrap them or to look at them in the printed photobooks?). I suspect quite a lot. I wonder if it was different for most people before photographs? Maybe memories did disappear into those "mists of time" as they used to say. Speaking of fading, one of my much used template albums has arrived at The Lilypad and is half-price for Wednesday:

Along with another summery kit:

And my Digital Declutter journal cards are also half price for Wednesday:

~ Lynn

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