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Keeping it simple

{Psst ... scroll down to see this week's free with purchase mini-kit} I am a passionate convert to the joys of simplicity, of keeping nothing that isn't beautiful or useful (ideally both!) and making room in your life for the really precious things. I am not quite (and never will be) at the stage of owning nothing but a laptop and a yoga mat (I need at least some books as well as shelves of photobooks). But keeping it simple is a big part of our philosophy now. The fresh and pretty palette for this month's BYOC (Build Your Own Collection) at The Lilypad instantly inspired me to do a paperpack and element set on that theme.

And a template set as well:

The palette this month was so lovely, and I couldn't include all the colorways, so I couldn't resist rustling up some alternative papers and elements in the other colors.

You can get this mini-kit FREE with any purchase over $1.00 this weekend from my store at The Lilypad, by using the code:


You can find it in store by clicking on the preview or using this link.

~ Lynn



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