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Something that cheers me up

Autumn is on its way to Europe, the trees are going slightly yellow, but I think it's lost its way, as the average temperature is still in the top twenties, low thirties (that's 82 F and higher). I love seeing all the kids marching to the school in the morning and skipping home in the evening. So this week I have been gardening, walking, swimming, having picnics with the kids and sitting in the park drawing. That cheers me up on the saddest of days, and I have really enjoyed coming back to the Lilypad, and yes, I am still lurking rather than creating, but I have watched what the team has been up to, and what new kits are coming out. The colours inspire me, that and the amazing source of inspiration that the girls always have been to me. Let's see if they can inspire you to do something: go shopping, scrap, or lift them... Just stick around and see.

One thing I rarely pay attention to is templates, I am changing it right now. I have spotted the pattern, a lot of layouts in the gallery that attract me with the graphic quality or the way they are "laid out" are the ones that use the templates, I think I should reconsider and use them more. Here are some awesome templates to wet your appetites in the store

And here is what the girls came up with using Dezine album templates

and these with Countless templates:

I like the subtle changes in the templates as the girls make it truly their own.

Some of the above were made using the Paia kit by Lynn, and I love the combination of chocolate brown and sky blue, here are a few more

I love when you like a kit a lot, and you look through the gallery and can spot the layouts made with it be it because of the colours or some cute elements, Club Tropic has been one of those kits for me.

The colours are yummy, you will probably spot that even I was inspired to produce a page of my own, a rare occasion these days, and the delicate patterns are a pure delight.

The other kit that showed me how one kit can produce quite different results in talented hands was September kit that you can find here:

And just before I leave I'd like to spotlight Diane's pages this week, Diane aka dvhoward is a wonderfully creative lady and I adore the way she uses space, be it filled to the brim or leave the white space speak volumes. And with that I will see you October, and I can't wait to see what's in store for us then.

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