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Turn of Seasons

For 'Something Old, Something New' this week I have two seasonal products just for this time of the year when you have summer pics to scrap but it's starting to head into Fall.

But looking ahead to Fall:

And also looking backward, as I did when I went through the large box of slides that my mother-in-law was planning to throw out. There were some absolute gems in there, and I made an album for her of her trip around Europe in the early 1960s. Like most New Zealanders, the mother-in-law did her "overseas experience" (O.E) as soon as she had saved up enough money from her first job. It's a tradition to travel to England then touring Europe by bus or with friends in a campervan.

Amongst the old slides that my mother-in-law was going to throw out, we found this one:

My MIL took a cheap coach tour, and this is one of her friends from the bus posing in front of the village well/fountain somewhere in post-war Spain.

The local women don't seem to mind too much. Probably had more to worry about, living under General Franco...

The Husband scanned the original slide the wrong way round - it looked much better once I flipped it.

Then I duplicated it, and added a soft colour overlay which I then partially erased with a very soft brush to reveal the original beneath.

Here it is scrapped using "Life in Pictures No.02" photobook template album:

And here's how mimisgirl made the same set work for a modern pic:

~ Lynn

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