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Vintage Looks for Modern Stories

Recently I hosted a webinar at Get It Scrapped (a great site where you can get design guidance, inspiration and the fun of a scrapping community).

I was speaking about using vintage inspired looks to scrap my family photos.

I love using vintage style digital scrapbooking supplies to create photo collages and scrapbook pages featuring our family memories.

I print these as photobooks at Shutterfly, but you can also frame them or display them on a digital photo frame.

For me, the vintage looks have a timelessness and are a joy to create with.

You can find all the supplies that I used to create the photo collages at the digital scrapbooking and mixed media site The Lilypad.

You can also find tutorials there on how to create your own photo collages, digital mixed media artworks and digital scrapbook pages.

I love to showcase our travel photos in this way. Every place has had its heyday, or has echoes of a certain time. Using retro and vintage imagery allows us to set the scene, evoke the mood or make a nod to the past. In this case to the Vegas of the rat pack days:

It's as simple as 'drag and drop' with the painted elements and "transfers" that are with most of the packs of digital elements, or you can get as creative as you want with blending and other digital effects.

It can be colorful and fun or traditionally vintage and muted.

Credits: Bee Curious Kit

Here's are some of the packs of jpeg backgrounds and png elements:

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