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March Monthly Challenge

Hello there, a new month, a new freebie and a new chance to win $10 to Lynn Grieveson's Designs Store at The Lilypad.

The challenge: 1. Scrap a page on the theme of "What do I see?" using at least 50% Lynn Grieveson's Designs on the page. You DON'T have to follow the prompts on the phrase strips (some people might not want to show where they live) as long as you stick to the theme. 2. Post in Lynn Grieveson's Gallery at The Lilypad, and link us up in this thread. 3. You have from now until 11.59pm EST on March 31st, 2017 One person will be chosen by Lynn to win a $10 voucher for her designs.

My sample layout:

For my layout I used:

Images are linked to store.

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