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Create art to cherish

Paint, blend and collage all without making a mess and for the sheer pleasure of creating. The first "creative springboard" mixed media page kit is in store at The Lilypad.

Use it to create your own art journaling page or mixed media artwork, or a more traditional digital scrapbook page- no rules!

It can be as simple as just dragging, dropping and arranging the mixed media elements provided and your photos, or you can go to town with blending and layering.

(by Diane)

PS - if you are new to blending there's is a guide sheet included where I "dissect" one of my own layouts:

And, if you are a digi designer or you love to create with brushes, there's a new pack of Commercial Use OK inky brushes too:

I'll leave you with just some of the wonderful pages that my team and the Pollys had fun creating with Cherish. These make me so happy (and there's even more to see at The Lilypad)

~ Lynn


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