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Hopping from Lilypad blog to Lilypad blog


I hope you are looking forward to this year's Scrapbooking Day on May 6. In anticipation, the Lilypad designers have contributed to a blog hop. Hop from Lilypad blog to Lilypad blog and you will end up with a collection of goodies: "All the Feels Part 1".

You can download my contribution HERE.

Then, continue on to the next stop at Just Jaimee's blog.

But before you go, if you are keen to keep up with what I am creating, I would love to invite you to either follow me on my Facebook page, or sign up for my newsletter.

PS. Remember, the freebies for Part 1 are only available through NOON on May 4th.

But look for Parts 2 and 3 in the shop as a Free with Purchase during our National Scrapbooking Day celebrations, from May 5 - 8th.

Together they combine to create a massive collaboration kit.



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