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A messy birthday

I am currently re-scrapping my way through photos from when Daughter-Two was four. (Her current scrapbook from that year is comprised of loose 8 x 8 layouts in a folder, and I want a 10x10 Shutterfly book to go with her more recent photobooks. Plus it's fun to relive as I scrap!) Her 'birthday' photos were not the first I scrapped, but I finally got to them this week. They aren't actually her birthday - her Nana surprised us all with a cake, presents and balloons a few days before her birthday. There are no photos of that as she was no fan of balloons back so retreated into a quiet room while the rest of us ate cake. But she wouldn't stop saying "it's my birthday! it's my birthday!" so I confess that, in order not to have to have another birthday celebration later in the week, when we came home from Nana's we rustled up some cupcakes and candles and brought out her presents. And took photos ...

I used the new messy pocket templates and journal cards that are new in store this week:

And if you love brushes - or are looking for resources to create summer papers or elements - check out this new CU-ok mega pack:

~ Lynn

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