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Dive into Summer with a Discount

Hope the summer is turning out to be lots of fun for you (And if, like me, you are somewhere where it's not summer then maybe scrapping some summery pics will lighten the gloom! it's been wild and wet where we are). Remember that the new releases are always at a special reduced intro price for the weekend - and on top of that I also have a special coupon this weekend:

And if you don't fancy scrapping summer pics it's the perfect time to catch up from Christmas and winter (or stock up for the end of the year!) because it's Christmas in July at The Lilypad!

Yikes! That means you can pick up lots of great stuff like this for less than half price.

Winter or summer, both my girls love going to aquariums and, given the choice of a day out, that was what they would always pick.

This week I have the perfect mini-kit for scrapping the outings:

And a summer kit:

~ Lynn


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