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Lynn Grieveson's August Designer Challenge

Hello there, this year is flying by and we have a brand new challenge for you.

You have a fabulous freebie to download from Dropbox, called So they say.

You can find that here .

My layout uses Love this templates,

Your Challenge:

1. Scrap a page about your favourite quote or a family saying. 2. Use something from the freebie elements mini, 3. Include something torn or ripped 4. Use at least 75% of Lynn's products and post in Lynn Grieveson's Gallery at The Lilypad, and link us up in this thread. 5. You have from now until 11.59pm EDT on August 31st, 2017 One person will be chosen by Lynn to win a $10 voucher for her designs. 6. Please abide by The Lilypad's Gallery Rules

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