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Do you have lots of photos to scrap?

If you love scrapping multi-photo pages, or have an event or a big pile of travel photos to scrapbook, today's new templates can help you create a photobook in a snap.

Even better, they co-ordinate with the "Perfect Panorama" templates already in the store, and there is a bundle option that allows you to grab both at a bargain price (especially this weekend when the 20% new product discount applies!).

Don't grab this if you already have the Panorama set though :-)

Plus, there is a YouTube video where you can watch me scrap this page:

AND there are new Worn Tops templates just landed in store as well, for realistic detail and depth on a digital page:

If you are unsure about how to use them, there is a YouTube tutorial for that as well:

So, if you have lots of photos to scrap, we have lots of fun ways to do it :-)

Here are some of my own latest pages using the new "scrap in a snap" tools new this week:

~ Lynn

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