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Are you sometimes prickly?

It's a massive BYOC ("Build your own collection") at The Lilypad this month. First up, a really useful element pack. I've been scrapping my youngest's toddler pics and realised there was a real scarcity of bath kits out there.

So I made my own, adding in some bedtime goodies to complete the evening routine!

(By EHStudios)

And the colors for this month's BYOC that all The Lilypad designers are creating with are so gorgeous that I had to make a big paper pack and element pack as well. It's all about those days when we - or someone we love - is a little bit prickly. But so versatile for lots of layouts.

And last but not least, a template for the month :-)

I think I will be using this one a lot...

Here's some of my other layouts with the new designs:

~ Lynn

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