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Layouts to love from Feb

I don't think scrapbookers realise how much pleasure designers get from seeing how their products have been used. Posting in galleries isn't for everyone (and that's fine too!) but it is always a thrill to spot the pages from people who do chose to share. If you do scrap with my products and want to share, don't forget to pop them into my designer gallery at The Lilypad.

I have chosen just a few from the gallery last month to spotlight with why they caught my eye :-)

PS you can click on each layout to find out what was used, and maybe leave some love in the gallery

By Aerobigirl: I love how this absolutely bursts with fun! Great L-shaped design too and that bold choice of bright yellow for the background really pays off :-)

By Rikki: I absolutely love how this page makes the photo shine (appropriately, given the title used!). The way the colors have been pulled from the photo and the way it all works together is wonderful.

By londoncuppa: the artist with one of the best usernames has created a stunner here. Using the photo big like that and pairing it with the grey works so well, and I feel as if I could just walk into the page!

By Caapmum: this is another of those "bursting with fun" pages and done so beautifully. I especially like how just the right amount of bright bold color has been used, almost in the same proportion as the neutrals and bright colors in the photo. That is an artist's eye at work :-)

By mcurtt: When I first saw this I nearly fell off my chair, because I couldn't believe it was real. It looks like some fairyland to me (we don't have any red or blue birds in New Zealand). My daughter was amazed. The way it has been cropped and used as a page background is perfect, and the clustering is lovely.

By bonnenuit: the softness of this, the brushwork and masking of the photo and the lovely flower cluster in just the right spot add up to such a lovely page.

By MaggieMae: Another gorgeous blue layout, with the perfect paper to complement that cute hat and some lovely little delicate detailing. I love this :-)

That is a few of the many layouts that I just loved seeing this month.

If I didn't manage to fit in your layout, don't forget to keep adding your creations and be on the lookout for when you are spotlighted.

Till then, happy scrapping!

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