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May Designer Challenge

Hello all and welcome to May. The seasons are changing, days are shorter on this side of the Atlantic and I am happy for the respite from the summer and the drought.

We have a new challenge for the month and it's a recipe challenge! Yay!

You can read more and see where you need to post your layout here.

This month is a Recipe Challenge. Recipe is that the page must include: something torn, one bow and two frames (the frames can be both single frames, or multiphoto, they can both be used on one photo or maybe one used to frame patterned paper or a journal card). Anything else can be added, but those 3 ingredients must be present.

Please load your layout into Lynn Grieveson's Gallery at The Lilypad and then add it into this thread too, so we can leave you some love and count your entry. You have from now on the 1st of May until midnight on the 30th of June, EST.

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