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You Are Framed

You'll never run out of frames with this week's special element pack. It's a set of premade paper and wooden frames BUT you also get the png stamps/abr brushes of the frame outlines so you can stamp straight onto your photo or make your own frames to match every layout.

********************************************************************** Can you believe we are halfway through the year? And what a year it has been. If you want an escape from the heat (or if, like me, you live somewhere where it is winter right now) don't miss out on the winter and Christmas sale at The Lilypad.

Stock up now for later in the year, finally get those Christmas photos scrapped - or just take a holiday in your mind to somewhere cooler while you scrap some winter pages!

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ But you don't miss out if you are scrapping summer pics, as my "summer sale-ette" continues. The kits on sale for HALF PRICE include Santa Cruz (used at the top of the newsletter)

And Paia Kit:

~ Lynn

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