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Creekside and Winter Paint - and don't miss your free template

Yes, it's BYOC ("Build your own Collection") time again at The Lilypad! It's summer here in New Zealand but the gorgeous colors all The Lilypad designers were given to create with got me in a cozy winter mood!

Also: make sure you scroll down to find out about the free challenge template at The Lilypad this month. I had a lot of fun scrapping with the Creekside Papers and Elements and the Winter Paint myself. I haven't been making blended style layouts for a while, but the papers (especially combined with the paint) are perfect as a base for blended photos. The linear blend mode worked really well.

The papers and elements work just as well for non-blendy pages too!

And there's templates as well!

By Iowan:

By Sucali:

By KellyM

And, this month I designed a template for the December challenge at The Lilypad, so I wanted to link to it here so you didn't miss out. Just look at the top of the thread to find the download link (but maybe take some time to look through the thread at the stunning layouts people have created, they are lovely)

As always, I'll leave you with just some of the great pages from the team and the Pollys using the new BYOC designs.

~ Lynn

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