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Digital or 'hydrid': mixing it up with mixed media

Notebook pages by AJM

I play with ink and paint and gesso and other messy stuff in order to create the digital assets that appear in my mixed media collections.

But when it comes to creating ‘layouts’ or artworks, I am strictly digital. Not that they stay digital - I get them printed as wall art, photobooks or calendar pages.

However, one of the wonderful things about digital mixed media downloads - such as the collections in the ‘Hear My Voice” collaborative project - is the flexibility whether to create entirely digitally or to print out the assets and use them traditionally - or in a ‘hybrid’ way (part digital, part ‘analogue’). And I am tempted to start playing with printing out assets when we move and I have more studio space.

After all, it’s so much fun to print out papers and textures such as these (from the latest edition: ‘Hear My Voice: Embracing”) using copier paper, watercolour or other textured paper, butcher’s paper or even vellum or baking parchment paper.

Hear My Voice: Embracing

You can find these and all the other assets in the latest instalment of the ‘Hear My Voice’ project in store at The Lilypad now

A gorgeous collage creation by Rachel Jefferies, my collaborator on the project:

And here are my digital creations with it. The one of my mother with a Scottish sheep is one to be printed for the wall

And here’s a page for my Greek travel photobook:

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