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Exciting news!

I have long been a fan of the Mixed Media Monthly releases at The Lilypad, created by a team of talented designers who band together to make a big collection packed with artsy goodness. The exciting news is that I have now joined them and let me tell you it, it is as fantastic as I imagined. :-) For those who might be wondering, no, I didn't chose the theme of this month's collection, although I did come up with the name: "I am enough". But the whole theme of self-acceptance (and, on the flip side, the damage that self-loathing can do to those around you as well as to yourself) is powerful stuff and these really are not just flippant words and phrases for me. I have seen the transformation when people finally truly accept themselves  - their "perfectly imperfect" selves.

As well as the main M3 kit, I created an add-on set of papers and elements called "Be Kind {to yourself}". Because that's what it's all about really. Everyone (well, apart from some unreformed narcissists and psychopaths!) is really just trying to do their best. It was inspired by my belief that, unless you are kind to yourself, forgive your own mistakes and accept your own worth, then you will never truly trust in other people or have the strength to be truly honest, to drop the mask you wear and be genuinely kind to others (not just 'please like me' nice).

Apologies if that all got a bit heavy! After all,  maybe you just want to play with lots of pretty stuff. ;-) There's plenty of that in the main Mixed Media Monthly Kit:

And in my add-on papers and elements (available as a kit as well)

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