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Hear My Voice: Imagining

I just got back from a short (and exhausting!) trip which included a catch up with Daughter-Two. She has always been a lot of fun to have around - and up for posing for photos - and I am hoping for more trips with her.

For years exciting travel has been pretty much limited to my imagination, but in a matter of weeks we are going to make it happen! I can’t wait. But I will no doubt keep day dreaming and imagining other adventures as well!

‘Imagining’ is the theme of this month’s edition of the “Hear My Voice” project with Rachel Jefferies Designs ….

And, as with all new releases, it is discounted for this weekend.

I had so much fun scrapping with it, I kept creating more layouts ;-) I am trying to feel more comfortable at scrapping myself and my own thoughts, after years of scrapping the daughters (but I am looking forward to travelling with and photographing my model offspring again!)

(That’s her on her 21st birthday)

The collection comes with templates too, which I used here:

Here’s some more inspiration from our friends (and there’s lots more in the gallery at The Lilypad) :-)

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