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Hear My Voice: Masking

Do you ever look back and realise how little you knew when you were younger?

I love that photo of me, taken by the boss at my first real, big, scary job. I look so confident and in control - in reality just faking it till I could make it! Homemade clothes and all.

I think 'fake it till you make it' is still sort of useful advice, but I also love no longer feeling like I need to mask who I really am. Definitely love that my daughters are much more self aware than my friends and I were at the same age.

I used the latest collection in the "Hear My Voice" collaborative project with Rachel Jefferies. It's fresh in store today at The Lilypad and on sale at a special introductory reduced prices.

Here's the full bundle, but you can also grab the mixed media papers and elements, cards and templates separately, as well as a 'kit' option that combines the core papers and elements.

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