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Just my luck

Yes, it's me. But so long ago ... Such a strange thing to look at an image of yourself but not be able to get into the head of that person at all!

This week it is Mixed Media Monthly (M3) time at The Lilypad, which means that a group of designers collaborate on a massive themed collection and also do our own 'add on' products for the store. You don't have to be a subscriber to grab the designs (though it's cheaper if you are).

This month's theme was "Some call me lucky' and, oh boy, the places I could have gone with that... But it sparked up a conversation with 18 year old M about what it means to feel lucky. I came up the line that 'lucky is a feeling not a fact'. I think - and hope - she is a bit of 'a lemonade maker', even while I hope life doesn't throw her too many more lemons. You can't really avoid them though, can you? It comes with the territory of living ...there's been a fair few lemons flying around here the past couple of weeks!

I honestly don't know if people still think I am lucky ;-) But on the other hand, no-one is as lucky as they might sometimes look. We're all going through something, or will be sooner or later.

But wait there's more LOL

I have add-on papers, paint and templates as well:

(By AJM)

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